Welcome to Ethertoff

Ethertoff is a simple collaborative web platform, much resembling a wiki but featuring realtime editing (à la Etherpad). Its output is constructed with equal love for print and web.

Real-time editing

This page, index.html, has both a read and a write version. Click on the write button to start editing the source code. You can connect with multiple users at the same time. The changed text will update in real time the read version as well.

If the name of a pad ends with .html, the page is considered to be an HTML document. When editing, you can use all the usual HTML tags. If the name ends with .md, the page is a Markdown document. You can write this page with the more sparse Markdown syntax.

Ethertoff also lets you download the ‘raw’ document, see: /raw/index.html.

New pads are created by typing a link to a non-existing page in the url-bar:


Form is content

Unlike most wikis, Ethertoff lets you edit its own appearance, by editing the page style.css.

Ethertoff’s default template and stylesheet take care to adapt the output for print. A ‘print’ button is always nearby to remind one of this possible route.